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Ballot question for April 2016 !! "Should we legalize and/or decriminalize marijuana?"

As Canadian Citizens, we deserve the right to vote on all important issues.  In recent years, we have seen 40-45% of all eligible voters staying away from the polls.  True Democracy deserves full participation and a higher percentage of voters in the Civic, Provincial and Federal Elections.  This question needs to be on the election ballot, "Should we legalize and/or decriminalize marijuana?  FOR,  AGAINST, or  ABSTAIN."   Voter turnout at the polls is going to be 70% or more because those that are FOR it will come out to the polls and those AGAINST it will come out to the polls, and those who don't wish to see it on the ballot will equally have their say.  Isn't this what Democracy is about?

This petition was delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada
    Justin Trudeau
  • Justice Minister and Attorney General for Manitoba
    Honourable Andrew Swan (Justice Minister and Attorney General for Manitoba)
  • Prime Minister of Canada
    The Honourable Justin Trudeau
  • Mayor of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Mayor Brian Bowman

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