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We understand not everyone is in a wheelchair, we also understand not everyone can walk. 

Unfortunately those that require wheelchairs as transportation don’t always have access to certain shops and other businesses and organisations- it’s very limited. This not only goes for those that are in wheelchairs but parents with prams and also the elderly. I’m sure there is many more reasons as to why businesses should have a ramp but those are the most common. 

I want to point out a few businesses that I’ve noticed in the Ballina area that are not wheelchair accessible. 

1. Tattoo and piercing parlours                                      2. Subway in River St.                                                  3. Hair salons 

I have mentioned Subway purely because it’s one business that stood out to me in the Main Street of Ballina, due to the approximately 20cm step. I had taken a client of mine to Ballina and she loves Subway, so we thought we would have it for lunch, now it seems as simple as I, the carer to just walk in and order the food, but that’s beside the point. Leaving a person in a wheelchair outside strictly because they cannot access the shop is like tying your dog to a pole while you run in. It’s not ok. 

Lets just say we only got to visit very minimal amount of shops as she’s a teenager and would like to go in and get a piercing, or go to a shop with clothes of her style, maybe even decide she wants to get her hair done at a salon. 

I believe it should be a law that every single public business should cater for those that cannot use stairs. Ramps should be available 24/7 everywhere! 

People in wheelchairs are human too! 


Sign to support those that deserve to be treated like humans too and have the access to live a normal life. 

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