Change Parking in the Ballarat CBD

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The new parking system introduced into Ballarat is going to kill the city centre. Not only does it not allow people to walk down the main street of town at leisure and enjoy all wonderful the cafe's and small businesses, it has turned into something that used to be affordable for staff to park near by to their place of work into something that is completely unsustainable in the long run.

The median weekly wage of someone over the age of 15 in Ballarat is $559 (Cencus, 2016). With the new parking arrangements people will need to pay $22.00 per day to park. If the person has to work 5 days a week they will need to spend $110 per week on parking. This equates to 19.6% of their weekly wage.THINGS NEED TO CHANGE. We shouldn't need to fix holes in budgets due to mismanagement of our already incredibly high rates!