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Bali Zoo-Anak Agung Gede Putra: Make Bigger Cages for Silvery Gibbon and Siamang Monkey!

Bali Zoo is a good place for holiday. But, there are some animals that need more attention. They look sad, bored, lonely and depressed in a small cage. There is a Silvery Gibbon that live alone in a small cage (The cage is around 4.8m and 2.4 meters) and next to his cage is a Siamang monkey in the same sized cage. There is a sign and it says ‘they live in a small family group and very active in day’. But, in reality they just sit there alone in a small cage. They have swing to hang on it, but they need a family and a bigger place. If they have a bigger cage and other monkeys, they will be more active.

We need to help them. If they get a better place with other monkeys, they will look more happy and playful. We can go to Zoo and look at the funny monkeys. It’s good for the monkey and fun for us. But if they just sit there, people will say ‘We pay for this and we have to watch a bored monkey’. 

It's important because monkey are social animals, they need a family and a big space to play. If they play together, people will happy to watch it.

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