The Decision is Sound: Preserve Queens Bay & the Balfour Ferry Landing

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Stay the Course:  Over 7000 petition signatures, thousands of letters and emails, and an overwhelming number of survey submissions told the BC Government to Preserve Queens Bay and Choose Balfour; that we need a new Ferry, not a new Ferry Landing.  And the Government agreed!  After an extensive public consultation process, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) determined Kootenay Lake does not need a new industrial ferry landing in pristine Queen's Bay. Early this spring MoTI initiated plans to upgrade the current Balfour Ferry Landing, dredge the channel so the big ferry can run during low water, build a new ferry, and keep our rural community vibrant. 

Unfortunately, the process left some disappointed, to the point that the issue is being resurrected.  Miscommunication and misleading information, an extended run of the small ferry during low water, and line ups due to a recent Kootenay Pass mud slide has resulted in rumblings to overturn the government decision. 

We want to remind the government they made the right decision; that the 176 page initiative to move the Balfour Ferry Landing to Queens Bay was ill-conceived, short sighted and failed to consider the economic, social, cultural, and environmental issues at stake.  By promoting a single interest in a feasibility study with “outdated data, massive omissions, countless assumptions, questionable forecasts and problematic budgets” (Bill Griffiths, PhD, Transportation Consultant), the study failed to assess millions upon millions of additional dollars that the project would cost; and failed to look at the highly deleterious consequences for the North Shore communities and the lake itself. 

 There is no room for ambiguity.  Please put this issue to rest.  The decision has been made. We are tired of these efforts that threaten the environment and the security, livelihood and lifestyle of our community.  We are presenting this petition demanding the government simply "Stay the Course" -  improve the Balfour Ferry landing, build a new Ferry, and preserve the pristine, environmentally-sensitive Queens Bay. For more information check out our Facebook page Choose Balfour: