Rescind BHS Principal Hire, Appoint Interim, Reopen Search

I am a former teacher at Automotive High School. After her first year as Principal, Ms. Lafergola U rated 16 teachers 14 were of African descent. and immigrants. I was among them. She began to harass us by giving us undeserved U ratings (later ineffective) because we refused to leave the school at her bidding. Many teachers resigned, she excessed others (at least one against the contract guidelines). Two teachers remained who could not be excessed because they were the most senior teachers in their departments. I was one of those teachers. She warned us that if we did not leave she was going to bring 3020a charges against us. She began to gather 'evidence' which was spurious to put it mildly. She intensified her harassment I was given my 3020a letter the day before Thanks Giving. There was. a hearing and my position at Automotive was terminated. There are many teachers who would be willing to talk with you about their experience at Automotive under the leadership of Ms Lafergola. If you need me for anything just get in touch,

dwayne henry, Rosedale, NY, United States
4 years ago
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