Increase the number of sessions per week kids in the Baldivis Cricket Academy have.

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Currently kids in the Baldivis Cricket Academy only have 2 periods a week of cricket. We would like support to help increase this number to 4 periods a week.

I have spoken to many other Cricket Academy’s (Kent Street, Belridge, John Forrest) and all of these academy’s have 4 periods a week of cricket. They drop their normal sport to achieve this. During the winter terms they do more fitness and learn more about the game, learn to score, umpire and even turf management. 

The school is getting new turf nets which student wanting to learn turf management could even walk away with a certificate at the end of their schooling as well as umpires certification. This however cannot be done with only 2 periods a week. 

Speaking to Mr Kennedy he is disappointed that Cricket has been cut down and has tried to get the periods increased without success. If we as parents of kids involved in the academy and as citizens of Baldivis stand together I am hoping that our children will given the same opportunities as all the other Cricket Academy Schools in Perth.

We have been told it’s because the numbers of the academy are low, as is retention. Yes kids may move away from Cricket but if you cut their classes the kids wanting to play aren’t getting the skills training they need and will struggle against this other Cricket academy schools, making Cricket less fun and we will lose more children. 

Please support our cricketing future, sign our petition and hopefully the Principal of Baldivis Secondary School will do what’s right and support our future cricketers. Let’s get Baldivis Cricket Academy back to 4 periods a week and watch the boys and girls develop the skills to become the future of our sport in this state!