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This petition urges Balderton Parish Council to cease/reject any current and ongoing plans to allow recreational paddle boating and building by the YMCA on and surrounding Balderton Lake in New Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire. Continuing development will have a significant negative impact for the diverse species of wildlife currently living on or around the lake. 

Instead, we urge Balderton Parish Council to preserve and protect Balderton Lake in its current form. 

We also urge Balderton Parish Council to adhere to the by-law they have in place, which states publicly: 


"Byelaws made by the Council of BALDERTON under (Section 164 of the Public Health Act 1875, section 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906 and/or sections 12 and 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906) with respect to Lakeside and immediate surrounds.

Bathing and pollution of water; fires, boats 14.

No person shall in the ground:

(d) place on any ornamental lake, pond, stream or other water, any boat other than a model yacht or toy boat in pursuance of an agreement with the Council.

Penalty 18. Any person offending against any of these byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale"

The lake is home to an abundance of birds, many of which are on the RSPB amber (decreasing population) list and/or protected species. As a haven for birds, the increase of rare and never before seen species has increased on Balderton Lake substantially in the last 2-years. 

The following birds can be seen feeding, nesting, residing on and visiting Balderton Lake throughout the year: Please note: Amber (Decreasing populations), Green (No current concerns)

Blue tit (green), Long-tailed tit (green), Great tit (green), Chaffinch (green), Greenfinch (green), Goldfinch (green), Blackbirds (green), Sparrows (tree & house – amber), Dunnocks (amber), Wren (green), Thrush (song – amber), Robin (green), Starling (amber), Wood pigeon (green), Collared Dove (green), Crow (green), Magpie (green), Jay (green), Cormorant (green), Heron (green), Kingfisher (amber), Pied Wagtail (green), Egret (green), Yellowhamer (amber), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (amber), Treecreeper (green), Canada Geese, Mallard (amber), Tufted Duck (green), Great Crested Grebe (green), Red-necked Grebe (amber), Coot (green), Goosander (green), Moorhen (green), Pink-footed Goose, Mute Swan (amber), Greylag Goose (amber)

The petition also requests that Balderton Parish Council ceases removing natural plants, trees and hedgerows on and surrounding the lake, which destroys vital habitat for wildlife. This destruction includes removing and culling the majority of wildflowers, brambles, reeds and hedgerows, all of which are a vital food source for the wildlife on and around the lake, including pollinators.

We urge Balderton Parish Council to declare Balderton Lake a protected wildlife reserve and increase education about the importance of such habitats. There are very few places locally where wildlife can be viewed in such vast abundance, making the lake a place of interest for the many people – adults and children – who visit the lake daily.

This petition also urges the public to contact Balderton Parish Council directly to request they reject the YMCA plans, along with contacting Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.

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