Don't cave to "Jakara Movement" extremists- Rename our park Ronald Reagan Park!

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A tiny group of Sikh extremists is bullying the city of Bakersfield into renaming a City Park after their "shaheed" (martyr) back in India. The citizens of Bakersfield are appalled- including the broader Sikh community. By adopting the street tactics of Saul Alinsky (practiced by community organizer Barack Hussein Obama in Chicago) this fringe group called the Jakara Movement seeks to make their extremist demands a fait accompli.

The attempted renaming of Stonecreek Park to "Jaswant Singh Khalra Park" violates every precept of good city government. It would create a hostile no-go zone for the local Hindu community. It compels the city of Bakersfield to take sides in an ethno-religious conflict halfway around the world in which the City has no stake, usurping the role that taxpayers pay our U.S. State Department to perform. Most worryingly, it ignores the history of Sikh militant terrorism conducted by a small minority of radical Sikhs to create their independent ethnic state of Khalistan.

The Jakara Movement- the small group of radical extremists behind this iniative- are not representative of the broader Sikh community. They claim that 35,000 Sikh immigrants live in Bakersfield yet only 100 people showed up to their rally. This equals 0.003% of the local community; not even one tenth of one percent. And this group of 100 activists includes the radicals they bussed in from neighboring Fresno, where they attempted a similar takever of local American government. Almost zero non-Sikhs have signed their petition or attended their rally despite the Fake News local newspaper aggressively pushing the Jakara Movement agenda.

The Sikh militant community gets a free pass on terrorism by saying "Although we wear turbans, we are not Muslim." This disingenous tactic ignores the fact that Sikh militant terrorism is a clear and present danger in its own right. The FBI lists Sikh militant organizations as terror groups- and with good reason. In 1985 Sikh militants in Canada bombed two jetliners on the same day. This 9/11 style attack killed 331 people in Ireland and Japan. Sikh militants have turned Canada into a battleground, attacking police officers at rallies & harassing Hindus.

Just as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) turned Europe into a battlefield in their struggle against Israel, so too have Sikh extremists carried out attacks in Europe. In 2013, Sikh extremists attacked an Indian Army officer on holiday in London- nearly decapitating him. In 2009, Sikhs attacked a temple in Austria, killing one and wounding 17. Alarmingly, Sikh extremists have used the tactic of "lawfare" to attempt to silence free speech in Canada and France on religious grounds.

Clearly, this is a conflict that Bakersfield should not import to the shores of California.

The vast majority of Sikhs living in America are productive, hardworking, peaceful citizens. In fact, they are one of the most law-abiding communities in the entire United States.  They are a credit to the noble ideas of American immigration. This "silent majority" is appalled at Sikh militancy by fringe groups such as the Jakara Movement. But within the tight-knit Sikh community they are reluctant to speak out. They just wish this whole issue would go away and that city residents would be left in peace.

The Jakara Movement describes their martyr as a peace activist and the Khalistan conflict as a genocide. But this ignores the larger picture. It paints a one-sided picture of a complicated conflict in which both sides carried out terrible atrocities for political objectives. Civil wars are always brutal. And the Bakersfield City Council is not the State Department. Our limited tax dollars must be spent on our schools and First Responders, not on taking sides in an ethno-religious conflict halfway around the world. And frankly, many Americans question the loyalty of those who seek to use the freedoms of American society to settle scores back home.

No law on the books in Bakersfield addresses renaming City Parks because there has been no need until this small group of extremist immigrants forced the issue. Endorsing religious figures in public spaces is prohibited- the War on Christmas has seen to that. Renaming a public space involes a high level of stewardship and public trust, whether it is Stonecreek Park in Bakersfield or Ellis Island Park with the Statue of Liberty.

However, Section 6.2 of the City Council Policy & Procedures Manual lists the rules for renaming a city street. While not an exact comparison, these stringent rules clearly state that streets may be renamed only after those individuals "whose lives or services are exemplary and have brought honor or recognition to the City."

The freedom fighter Jaswant Singh Khalra does not meet this test. However, another freedom fighter does. His name is Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps no Californian has reflected greater honor and recognition to the State of California and, by extension, the City of Bakersfield than Ronald Reagan. The 40th President of the United States embodied everything that was good and decent about our beloved State. His cheerful nature belied a fierce conviction for the cause of freedom- not just for Americans but for people on both sides of the Iron Curtain. With clear eyes he navigated America through the brinksmanship of the Cold War. The collapse of the Berlin Wall brought freedom to untold millions and let the world finally breathe free from the threat of nuclear war.

Our local Fake News paper has taken to running a quote from a Sikh activist named Mona Sidhu: "There are numerous people, including in this community, who not only would not be in America but would not be alive if not for Jaswant Singh.”

No, Ms. Sidhu. There are numerous people, including in this community, who not only would not be in America but would not be alive if not for Ronald Reagan.

It's California, not Khalifornia.

Because Kern County is one of the last Free Counties of California we are relentlessly targeted by Leftists nationwide and the shadowy causes they promote in furtherance of their diabolical aims. In this midterm election year the move to rename Stonecreek Park did not "just happen." Sowing racial hate and religious animosity under the guise of tolerance at state, local, and Federal levels is a trademark Saul Alinsky tactic to divide and conquer. It's just a small piece of the broader leftist scheme to recapture the House and Senate by swaying California votes, and ultimately restore Hillary Clinton to the White House in 2020.

Let's not fall for it.

Let's rename the park after a Californian truly worthy of the honor: President Ronald Wilson Reagan.