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1) Recognize the Public Health & Safety Risk to our Citizenry from the Record Number of Pedestrian & Bicyclist roadway Fatalities.2) Use current Licensed Cycling Instructors to educate Citizenry


In a community that suffers with 60% obesity, crippling transportation costs, 45% of the population living below $27k/year, and State-leading asthma related illnesses. Providing a safe and affordable transportation options are vital for our economic sustainability. We are in an epidemic state here in Kern and Bakersfield, with Obesity and Obesity related disease costing us over $800 million each year.


Connecting our poorest and largest portion of the community with safe Active Transportation options is vital to decreasing obesity and vehicle miles traveled.


AAA has the cost of owning a vehicle per year at $9000/year, and if 45% of us make less than $27K, how are we to move ahead "Social Economically" as a society? The largest portion of our Community is forced to spend 1/3rd of there income on Transportation, leaving scantly nothing left for Quality Food and Health care.


We have seen how the Land Use and Transportation Use Policy is directly connected to Happy, Healthy and Productive Communities. The Facts have shown us that people want and are more happy and productive when they live in communities that are Walk able and Bike-able.


We as citizens of Kern and Residence of Bakersfield demand safe roadways for all users!

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