Stop state capture in South Africa: An appeal to Bain & Co.

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State capture has wreaked enormous economic and social havoc in South Africa, impacting real people’s lives in devastating ways. Our fight against the forces of state capture is at a critical point as the Zondo Commission into state capture draws to a close. In 2018, Judge Nugent concluded that "the Commission has not yet heard the full truth from Bain" and "what the South African people want to know is what happened to their country’s institutions, and the information Bain has will help to find that out." The information Bain has will guide investigations into organisations and individuals who are involved in state capture, and benefitted from it at the expense of ordinary South Africans. I am appealing to Bain to make a FULL DISCLOSURE. 

Please join my appeal to Bain to disclose EVERYTHING they know about their dealings with former president Jacob Zuma and cabinet ministers, and all the state-owned companies and government bodies they worked with since 2012. For the sake of justice and healing in South Africa!

This call is asking nothing more than Bain promised when they wrote “We want to be completely open and transparent, as we believe that is what the people of South Africa deserve.” (Bain, 2 Sep 2018).

I have committed myself to promoting an ethical society and advancing the cause of justice in South Africa. To this end, I will testify at public hearings and will continue to urge those with relevant information to make full disclosures ...Bain is right, it is what the people of South Africa deserve.

Athol Williams 

former Partner, Bain & Co, South Africa