Women be taught self defense, and harasser be rightly punished

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During a practical examination, over 80 girls were intensly sexually harassed by a perverted psychopathic Examiner in Bahria College Islamabad. It was reported on social media by over 20 girls of the college, Saba Ali being the first one to raise her voice. Proper actions should be taken to prevent this from happening in the future. It is not something to be ignored  or something that should go unnoticed...Or something that should easily let happen

I believe, The first step is, Every women should be taught bravery instead of scare, they should be taught to, or know self defense, they should do whatever possible, I repeat, *WHATEVER POSSIBLE* to protect themselves, scream, hit, leave... as required to stop the action AT THE MOMENT. 

Although it is also of great importance that the harasser should be dealt with and punished, Actions should be taken by every Authority, the first step is to stop it from happening to yourself, and thats what you should be able to do. Be your own strength. Fight for yourself. Protect yourself. Break the silence. Become Women of power. #metoomovement