Make Pockin The National Sport of the Bahamas

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Currently, the National sport of The Bahamas is Cricket...why? The majority of Bahamians can’t remember the last time they watched an entire cricket game, if ever. The sport we would love to participate in and see Live, on TV or online is pockin. It would be one of the most entertaining sports to watch. Imagine the slow motion clips and the Bahamian commentary. This sport would breed a new kind of National Bahamian hero.

It incorporates the characteristics of sports that we already love such as the wide field coverage of soccer, the pitching and catching skills of baseball/softball, the fast-paced movement of basketball/tennis, the running, strength and leaping abilities of various track and field sports along with the bravery and sheer brutality of American football. Additionally, like other sports, Pockin would assists with the team-building, athletic, career-securing and extra-curricular aspects of any other major sport.

In addition to this, Pockin has a distinct set of rules that are original. It can also be devided into sections such as field pockin, wall pockin and pockin in enclosed areas.


The rules include the HEIST which signifies the beginning of a field pockin game. The athlete is only allowed to take a set number of steps before throwing the ball. Sometimes it may include BANKING which means that team members are allowed to pass the ball. And sometimes it may also include DASHING which affords athletes the opportunity to defend themselves by grappling and throwing when the person with the ball is very close.

Wall Pockin rules include throwing a ball at a wall while players standing a set distance from the wall must catch the ball when it ricochets back towards them. If the player accidentally drops the ball, they must run and touch the wall. However until they touch the wall, another player is allowed to pock them. If a player either stands behind the set distance or is the player furthest in the back when the ball bounces behind the set distance, he must also run to the wall or risk being hit. A player can be hit repeatedly until they have touched the wall. If a player accidentally drops or fumbles the ball, but picks it up or kicks it out of the way, the other players can call for a “free pock” which means the guilty player must stand close to the wall and take one hit anywhere that another player choose to hit him. Even if the player throwing the ball misses, the free pock has still been made.Players are also allowed to willfully throw the ball on other people, allowing it to drop, which would result in multiple people having to run to the wall.

The rest of the rules along with team attire and a point system could be decided after the sport is made official. 

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