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No patient in the emergency room will wait for more than an hour

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In the recent years I have been personally encountering stories from families who have been mistreated by BGH emergency staff. Some of this families in Baguio and in neighboring areas in Luzon have lost their family members because the hospital staff did not respond to them quickly. Most of them were ignored and some of them had to wait for several hours and because of this the patients die or suffer from complications.
I am not a politician, but I am hoping that this petition will do something to mandate the Baguio General Hospital to improve the way they handle emergency cases. Every patient must be given immediate attention rich or poor.

My family have personally experienced the indifference of some of the staff in BGH and my uncle almost died because of it, we had to demand for attention from the nurses who did not seem to care about the patients.

Today we lost a neighbor due to the fact that BGH emergency staff did not give care and attention, they had to wait for more than 3 hours and no one assisted them, they had to go to Saint Louis University however it was too late and the patient still died.

We need stricter laws, I hope that our City councilors and law makers can do something about this matter.

A rule must be set that all patients in the emergency room must be given instant care, no one must be disregarded for more than an hour and the patient deserves to know what is happening to them. The people who have accompanied the patient needs to be given straight facts if the hospital will be able to handle the case or not then a staff needs to state this information immediately. LIfe is precious, every second counts and a hospital such as BGH have to be responsible enough to take care of everyone. There is no excuse for not giving attention to any of the patients it is the duty of the nurse and the doctor to provide care for the sick may they be rich or poor.

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