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Respect towards other cultures and traditions is a great indicator of a nation's moral health. Here, in Germany, we are shocked to find on display images of the Buddha printed on toilet lids. Such items are manufactured in this country by Badorado Warenhandels GmbH & Co. Barbarossastr. 30a, Wuppertal Nordrhein-Westfalen
42115 Germany and sold on Amazon.de


WC-Sitz High Gloss Dekor Buddha | Toilettensitz | WC-Brille aus Holz |…

For people of South- and South-East Asia, it is insulting to see the images of holy figures, gods, spiritual leaders and symbols of any religions placed in the lavatory context. Printing images of the Buddha on toilet lids is the height of ignorance and utter disrespect towards other cultures and religions!

But also, we were not able to find similar items depicting Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad or symbols of other world religions. Why has Lord Buddha been singled out like that?

Modern Germany has gained a huge respect all over the world thanks to its tolerant society, welcome culture and readiness to help millions of people in need. We find that the company producing toilet lids with the images of the Buddha, as well as commercial platforms selling such items, are putting the reputation of the whole country at risk!

Our demand is that the manufacture, advertisements and sale of toilet lids with the images of Buddha should be stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!