Ban Dogs at Badminton Horse Trials

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I am a big fan of Badminton and come every year, primarily on cross country day. I think it is an amazing event and well organised. However, I have found that a common complaint of xc day is the dogs. I don’t think dogs should be allowed and heres why;

It is dangerous for dogs health and safety by putting them amongst the melee of feet that cannot see them, therefore are treading on them, tripping over them, kicking them etc. 
It is dangerous for dogs health being exposed to the sun for a whole day meanwhile being forced to walk the whole cross country course. 
If let off the lead or escape from the lead can get lost.
If let off the lead or escape and get on course, and can cause major disruptions to the oncoming rider.
If let off the lead or escape and get on course, could get kicked or trampled by oncoming horse. 
Distressed dogs often bark, distracting the horses, or scaring them, when approaching a jump. 
There is not enough water provided for dogs to drink.
Spectators often as consequence tread in dog poo.


Badminton is the biggest event of the year for those of us who love horses, and who mostly own dogs as well. However, Badminton is no place are fun loving animals, with over 160,000 visitors, dogs should not be amongst this. Understandably some people are not in a position to leave their dogs alone, in which case hire a dog sitter, or ask a neighbour to go and check in on them. 

We must think about the health and safety of the dogs, and also the people around them. Therefore with this in mind, I believe, amongst many others, that dogs should be banned from Badminton Horse Trials.

So please stand with me by signing this petition to help our little friends!!! �