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Bad teaching

Rachel Perkins, a Geometry teacher at Barren County High school in Glasgow, Kentucky does not teach her students. They teach themselves. There should be reason behind her title as "teacher". Ask anyone that graduated high school ~20 years ago. They would go to the board and TEACH YOU HOW TO DO THE WORK. This teacher not only fails to do that, but also talks for 2 minutes, then gives you a 3 page packet and makes you learn the stuff yourself. That's why her 2nd period class is failing most if not all of their quizzes/tests. After she talks for 2 minutes, she'll go to her desk, and sit down for the rest of the class on her computer, not even discussing the "lesson". She won't check if the students are comprehending the material, unlike other teachers do. This is possibly the worst teacher I have ever had in all my years that I have been in school. I am currently a Junior.

If anyone else feels this way and whats to see some change in this High school, sign this petition. We will make your signatures count.

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  • Is Rachel Perkins, a Geometry teacher at BCHS, really teaching us?

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