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millions' dollars royalty coming from the sales of my book

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1) Bad news, terrible news, unbelievable news: this is the first time a publisher steals the earnings of an
author; millions' dollars royalty, my fair share, stolen from me by publishers Authorsolutions and
Xlibris Corporation; quite incredible to hear that; I spent eight years working on my book: “A Migrant
from Morocco" to prepare it for publication and when I did find a publisher, he turned out to be a thief; he
takes my book away from me, steals it, exploits it, thrives on the profits, spits on me, spits on my rights, spits
on my authorship and clears off. This is my situation as I speak to you now; Abdelilah Belhaouari, is my full
name, " A migrant from morocco" is my book and France is the country where I live. No communication is
now possible; despite dozens messages sent to the publisher recently; they just ignore my inquiries and
strongly refuse to answer my claims; “you can knock at our door as long as you wish, we have the money,
we have the book, we have our cake and eat it,” “I am locked out, so to speak, rejected, discarded, thrown
away;” I did, however, sign an agreement in accordance with American law; its terms are clear enough;
I did pay fees to promote my new book; and here I am today, robbed of all my rights, all my legal rights,
intellectual property being violated, copy rights being infringed, illegally stolen.
2) All my efforts to reason with that company have failed; Because they are simply determined to rob me of
my earnings, because laws have no meaning to them, because as long as the victim is not American citizen,
they forge ahead, uncaring, breaking the law, extorting millions' dollars royalty coming from the sales of
my book: more than five years' sales of my book. American Justice has been contacted, though, as early as
2014, American Justice has been informed as early as 2014; I wrote a dozen letters to the local authorities
of Indiana, to Bloomington officials, to the attorney general in person, but nobody cared about my case.
Today I am before you, people of the United States, to voice out my anguish as victim of thef, crime,
committed against an author because he has put his trust in American Justice. So, what can I do? Alone!
nothing, with you as witness, as support, a lot can be done: to question American Justice and where it failed;
the laws protecting authors against fraud, theft, infringement, where are they? I am still asking that
company: who stole my earnings, my due, who has committed the theft? Who has done it? My book was
published in 2011; five years and a half later I find myself with nothing, no book, no earnings, and no
rights at all; still astonishing, the publisher is now refusing to respond to my concerns despite evidence,
despite dozens messages, sent to them recently: “No way, we want your money, you can do whatever you
want, we're powerful people, we're confiscating your book, we're selling your book, we're making money and
that's what publishing means to us by all accounts,” it makes me feel as though the United States is a
jungle; that the stronger can eat up the weaker and nobody pays heed, That, it's easier to take hold of
someone's property, intellectual in my case, and play havoc with it,” Where are the ethics of American
people? Where are the founding fathers? Where are the mass prayers of Sundays? Where is Justice?
Where is democracy? Where are human rights? When such outrage, such assault, such abuse are being
committed and nobody seems to be the least disturbed. Where is the Christian faith? Where are the teachings
of the Bible: “Thou shalt not steal!” “You shall not steal!” “you shall not deal falsely!” “love of money
is root of all kinds of evil”. Where is the greatness of America when a publisher, a global publisher, sinks so
low as to steal a migrant from Morocco, to rob him of his earnings and go unpunished?
3) It's not because I am not American citizen that they can abuse my rights, it's not because I am not
American citizen that they can trample upon my authorship, treat me like dirt and slink away.” What right
does the publisher have to deprive me of my copyrights? What right does that company have to rob me of
my earnings, my due; what right does Xlibris corporation have, to extort my due, to steal my book? More
than five years I've been expecting an answer but nothing comes out except a criminal scheme that I am
describing before you now; Yeah, the publisher plotted against my book; they planned to take illegally my
money, all my money. Every time I ask for the sales, to know about my book, I am brutally pushed back,
brutally turned down; “you have no right over that book, we sell it and keep all the profits for us.” Which
law in the United States allows a publisher to rob an author blind? Which policy, which rule, allows a
publisher to steal the money of an author? Which federal law allows a publisher to extort from me more
than five years' sales of my book; millions' dollars royalty have been embezzled away by whom ? It is because
I have failed to answer these questions that I am turning to you, American people, to find the offenders,
stop them from taking away my work, my soul, selling it and getting scot-free.
4) No author, no layman, no human being, can tolerate this egregious crime; no author in the world can
accept that a publisher unabashedly seizes their book, years of hard work, abuses it and gets away with it.
It's just abominable, brutal; a prejudice of enormous ruin to me, to my family. The behaviour of that
company is more than condemnable; it is the way back to darkness, to the law of the jungle; laws should
not fail, however; mind, laws should not be broken, however; they should be enforced, instead, properly
enforced; my situation is unbearable and the sufferings I am enduring because of all these hardships, are
considerable; help me stop all this; say no to this barbarous usurpation! millions' dollars royalty stolen,
all my earnings ever since the publication of my book in 2011. Shameful thing, disgraceful thing except
that it's taking place in the heart of the United States, in Indiana State, no such thing has ever happened
elsewhere; publishers have always paid their authors their due and to this day, I am the only exception to
this rule; Why? Why? Why? What greed, what avidity, what viciousness, what devious mind has driven
my publisher to commit this appalling, illegal act? doesn't it make sense for Americans to learn that a
publisher is doing illegal business, violating the laws, stealing money and going unpunished? I am asking
every lover of justice in the world not to turn away from me, my case is serious enough to demand earnest
reflection; it matters as much to you as to me; it has to do with illegal business, with thef, with abuse,
with taking in money that belongs to others.
5) My question is this: when the time comes for American justice to start investigating? When the time
comes for American justice to start a probe? When the time comes for me to retrieve my earnings, to find my
book, to find my dignity as author and the semblance of a normal life. It now behooves you to see what had
happened, what hadn't worked, what had failed? As victim, I warned, alerted, and wrote to many an official
describing my situation, presenting the facts, naming the offenders but no one was able to take my case
seriously. Now it is high time that justice be done; five years is a very long time; we all need to stop this
assault, this naked aggression, this glaring injustice.
I am calling on authors, all authors, whatever their situation, whatever their status, to stand by
me and help me find a way out; this injurious; iniquitous treatment I am experiencing now is beyond
bearing; I am calling on authors, who, better than any one else, know what it feels like to be robbed of one's
legal rights and left sorely helpless; I am calling on everyone to denounce this brutal injustice;
I am also appealing to President Donald Trump to look carefully at my situation, help me out of this
predicament and deliver me from the evil grasp of those people: they have stripped me to the bone: no book,
no earnings and no copyrights, nothing at all; all I have asked for, from the very start, were my rights,
explicitly stated on the contract, nothing more. Now that my case is extensively disclosed to all and sundry, I
am looking forward to immediately recovering my missing royalties, my earnings, my legitimate rights, more
than five years' sales of my book. These practices should cease; these practices shouldn't exist in your
country, your great nation, and I am appalled by the behaviour of those who know, cover, condone; You have
been expecting me to speak; I have spoken, heart and soul. 30<<04<<2017

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