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Bad Congress! No Healthcare!

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Dear State Legislator,

Please support a constitutional amendment to stop Congress from taking necessary health care away from the American people.

Americans pay the most per capita for healthcare, but we are the 37th-most-efficient at turning dollars into improved health outcomes ( p.18).  The main source of inefficiency in our health care market is that thirty million Americans lack health insurance, and therefore get only emergency care, which is less effective, and which they can't pay for, so their costs are built into the costs of other people's health care at a higher rate than if we just had socialized health care, but with lower results.  As a result, we are out of the top thirty countries in life expectancy (

A constitutional amendment that, "Members of Congress may receive no health care beyond what they provide and fully fund for all Americans," will make sure that all Americans get health care that is good enough for the people we employ to make our laws.  Other wealthy people can still have better insurance than Congress, or pay out of pocket for premium services. Working people's health insurance should be as good as the insurance Congress chooses for itself, because Congress works for us.  



The People of the United States of America

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