Backyard Chickens for Wellington North

Backyard Chickens for Wellington North

May 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mark Baldock

We, the residents of Wellington North are asking Mayor Andy Lennox and the council to change the current by-law, and allow for backyard chickens. The issue has been dismissed in the past, but we believe that the time for change has come. 

Some of the reasons we are submitting for consideration:

  • Backyard chickens can make for great pets
  • A small flock (what we are asking for) of 4-5 hens are relatively quiet, make less noise than dogs, and are quiet from dusk, throughout the night
  • no roosters are needed for egg production
  • they help teach children about food sources and give them responsibilities
  • a small licensing fee could add money into town coffers
  • the eggs are healthier than store-bought eggs
  • they can provide food-security for low income families, especially in the times of an unsure economy and rising food costs
  • they can help control flies and other pests
  • they can help reduce food waste that would otherwise go into landfills
  • they give gardeners high quality fertilizer.

We believe that it is time for a change, and are asking for small flocks of 4-6 hens be allowed, in well-maintained and clean coops. 

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Signatures: 336Next Goal: 500
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