Parking in Backwell

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Over recent years, parking in the surrounding areas of the Nailsea and Backwell train station has become somewhat of a problem...
After a much needed and requested upgrade to the train station car park, it would seem commuters are reluctant to make use of the car park due to the new costs. The individuals which do not want to make the small payment required to park there have decided to make use of the residential streets in the surrounding area which has obviously affected these streets in a negative way.
Roads such as Moor Lane, Moorfield Road and Waverley Road have now become a free for all in the mornings with 50+ vehicles parking there throughout the day and often overnight and even for the weekends, just to avoid making a payment!
This care free parking has left these streets in havoc during the day with delivery/building lorries, council collection lorries and emergency vehicles struggling to pass through, putting residents at risk. Often queues are formed on busy junctions where these roads have to become a one way street and with the local schools the streets can become very busy with children crossing and school drop offs. Sometimes the only way to let a vehicle pass is by mounting the pavement!
Not only this but some residents have found it difficult to park outside their own homes leaving them searching for somewhere to park in a street which was once a quiet and easy place to live. The thoughtless parking blocks crossings within the streets as people are parking in front of dropped pavements making crossing harder for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs. On numerous occasions, children walking to and from the local schools have found themselves in dangerous situations when trying to cross a street in which they cannot check left and right as the vehicles are blocking the view for them, causing blind spots.
With the proposed and current housing expansion, the village will only become worse and an even more chaotic place to live. Having moved to Backwell almost 20 years ago as a family we never imagined that parking would be such an issue and it is rapidly become a massive inconvenience and problem during everyday life. This isn’t the sort of unnecessary stress village life should bring.
There have been times when residents have politely asked these individuals to park elsewhere or to use the car park provided and in response they have had rude comments and/or gestures made to them. Simple notes have also been made and given to these individuals explaining the risks and impacts of their parking but this is simply not enough and it’s about time something was done to change things...
Please help make a much needed improvement to the safety of the community by signing this petition as everyone is important in making this change happen! By doing so, we can raise awareness to those who have the power to address the situation.