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Cancel Your Concerts in Israel

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We, the undersigned, ask the Backstreet Boys to stand on the side of justice and humanity and cancel your 3 scheduled concerts in Ra'anana, Israel. We are asking you to respect the cultural boycott of the state of Israel called by the Palestinian people, especially from Gaza, in respect for the innocent lives that have been taken by the hands of the Israeli government, under the excuse of "self defense". At the time this petition was started, 356 Palestinian civilians had been murdered and over 2700 injured in the Gaza strip, in only 13 days. By July 27th, just 1 week later, the death toll had risen to over 1,000 with over 6,000 injured! The majority of these deaths and injuries have been children, women and elderly and the death toll continues to rise. On July 16th, 4 Palestinian children, aged 9-11 were targeted by Israeli rockets while playing soccer on the beach. Israel's response was that they were simply "casualties of war." Firstly, what is happening in Gaza is not a war. When entire families are being masacred at a time, it is genocide, pure and simple. Secondly, casualties of war are soldiers and people who choose to fight in a war, NOT innocent children. Innocent people are being targeted on a daily basis and so are the hospitals, ambulances and treatment centers trying to save their lives, while Israelis sit on the hills and cheer as the rockets light up the Gazan sky. The majority of the American population has no clue these atrocities even occur because the American media refuses to show the reality. ABC and Fox News even went so far as to show photos of the destruction in Gaza and falsely claim it took place in Israel. However, such photos of any destruction in Israel have not been shown because these photos simply do not exist. In the 3 weeks since Israel has launched its attacks, more than 200 Palestinian children were killed and many more mutilated. No Israeli children have lost their lives at the hands of Palestinians during this period. The Palestinians are merely trying to defend themselves against the attempted total genocide of their people.

Many Israelis demand that politics not be mixed with music. However, on July 25th, a photo surfaced on Twitter of an Israeli soldier holding a rocket which was about to be sent over to Gaza. On that rocket was a message to the people of Gaza: "This is for cancelling the Backstreet Boys, you scum" So, because they missed out on a chance to see a concert, they felt justified in murdering MORE Palestinians! We beg you, for the sake of the innocent lives that are being lost, do not support Israel in their war crimes.

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