Sign @RepZoeLofgren-@JustinAmash: @POTUS must get authorization before striking Syria

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Under the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, Congress, not the President, decides when the U.S. will use military force.
President Trump is threatening to use military force to attack the government of Syria. But Congress hasn’t authorized President Trump to use military force against the government of Syria. If President Trump were to attack Syria without Congressional authorization, he would be violating the Constitution. That’s an impeachable offense.

As the Congressional Progressive Caucus has stated, "President Trump does not have the power to authorize military force in Syria -- he must come to Congress first." As Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie has stated, "There is No congressional authorization to strike the government of Syria."
California Democrat Zoe Lofgren and Michigan Republican Justin Amash are circulating a bipartisan letter to President Trump, insisting that he seek Congressional authorization before striking the government of Syria.
In August 2013, two hundred Democratic and Republican House Members wrote to President Obama, insisting that he seek Congressional authorization before striking Syria. That’s why Obama backed down from his threat of unilateral action and chose diplomacy instead.
Defend our Constitution and oppose endless war. Urge your Representative to sign the Lofgren-Amash letter against unconstitutional war by signing our petition.