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americans-republicans,democrats and independants unite for this groundbreaking Healthcare  option-PUBLIC OPTION/SINGLE PAYER!take your healthcare choices out of the hands of the GREEDY HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY  !iI BEG YOU TO READ UP ON THE PUBLIC OPTION LITERATURE TODAY!dont let BIAS ads mislead youOur founding fathers stood up to British Control and won our freedom-help me win our HEALTHCARE FREEDOM from the Health Insurance GIANTS who DENY DENY AND DENY lifesaving treatments or PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS.HELP MAKE A BETTER TOMORROW FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN....please sign this petition .thank you and godspeed

Letter to
President of the United States
When our great country was under British rule wevowed to win and become our own self-governing nation.there were those who were intimidated but the majority wanted our freedom.These brave Patriots created our Beloved Country we call Home today.Lets not forget those brave men and women from long ago but make them proud by not backing down to the tyranny we face now -The HealthCare industry......PLEASE HELP PUSH THROUGH 'public option,thank you a concerned american citizen

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