Back cleaning services to self-catered hall

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Massey University accommodation services team increases the price of living on-campus each year.

However, this year despite the increase in price, the cleaning service provided to the self-catered halls where mostly international students live has been cut.

Previously, cleaning was provided once a week or around three-four times a month to self-catered halls, which is different from other halls that are being provided this service every working day.

Self-catered hall residents use kitchen facilities a lot more than catered halls, therefore, we are in need of cleaning services as much as catered halls, if not more.

Also, residents were not notified clearly about this change when we applied to live in campus accommodation.

International students are already paying 4-5 times more for tuition fees alone and almost all international students are paying to live on campus additionally.

Self-catered hall residents pay approximately 50 dollars more than the cost of flatting in the city.

What we are asking for through this petition is fair and equal services to everyone on campus.

We would like to see the re-continuation of cleaning services for all residents in self-catered hall

Please sign this petition if you agree that we should bring back cleaning services to self-catered halls.