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We, the Bachelor of Accounting Science students, the Bachelor of Commerce students & all other students studying Auditing III require the following demands to be met:

Firstly, we demand that the marks of Test 2 be scrapped from our year mark.

We demand that the marks of Test 2 be scrapped on the basis of the following reasons:

  1. Majority of students answered this question according to their interpretation of the words in the 'required', whereas we were marked on the lecturers memo, not according to our understanding of what is required from us in a question. This is very unfair to the majority of students as the lecturers are not respecting the understanding of students' interpretation of questions, nor are students being awarded for their efforts. 
  2. Majority of students who studied from the textbook, course notes and tutorials did NOT receive marks for their effort. This is extremely discouraging to the majority of students because there is nowhere else for students to prepare for a test or exam from.
  3. Majority of students failed Test 2. The number of students who passed Test 2 is very low. This displays the low effort from the Auditing III department to help students learn, acquire the necessary skills necessary for work and ultimately pass.
  4. More than 20 students received a zero for Test 2. It is a disgrace that the Auditing III department can fail more than 20 students with a complete zero. To fail a student with a zero means that a student knew nothing for the test. This displays the complete disregard the Auditing III department has for a student's reasoning or approach towards a question. 
  5. Furthermore, lecturers only explained outcomes and skills to be achieved for Auditing III after Test 2. This was a pointless effort from lecturers as the actual point of learning is to impart knowledge before a test or exam situation. 


  1. We demand a better quality of education from the Audting III department.
  2. We require that all skills, competencies & outcomes that are to be achieved, are to be taught to us BEFORE our tests and exams. Not after we write our tests and exams !
  3. We demand a more specific lecture outline. It is unfair that we prepare for a specific section and lecturers sway from section to section during weeks. 
  4. Lastly, we require better integration with our course notes, tutorials & tests and examinations. We cannot be expected to magically acquire skills during a test or an examination !

We, the students, work hard when it comes to our course work. We put in our blood, sweat and tears into our studies. And as such, it is highly discouraging to experience such a low level of education, feedback and impartation of knowledge from the Auditing III department.

We demand that the Auditing III department be reformed for the better and we urge that these demands be met as failure to do so will result in a massive number of students failing the academic year of 2017.

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