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Petitioning BAC, & many more Banks that r getting tons of government funding

Help people that do pay mort on time & r not a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

We currently have the worst mortgage going.. 8 percent 40 yr with a 30 yr balloon, tried to get modified with old bank, no help, finally after bank not wishing go deal with me anymore..they put us into modification that added our taxes in and left us at 8 percent.. so that raised us up from $1700 to almost $2000.00 per month Not including insurance. Then bac purchased loan, 3 years ago. Been current all along,struggling but always current, decided to try to see if they would help, after 3 hrs and about 20 different people, over the phone they said no deal! I immediately then found out that I had been placed into their retention department.... For what reason, I couldn't tell u but for months after never going any further then income verification it stopped there, I remained in retention for at least 8 months, they would not give me a letter stating that I didn't belong there. About 6 months ago a random letter from bac telling me that I was finally out of the pipeline, and was no longer in retention. We now have 1 more yr to get this thing done, We have seen Cambridge credit counseling ..useless.. Have been waiting for harp 3 program designed for people like us....this is a non Fannie Mae Freddie Mac backed loan..  Waiting since June, don't think it's ever going to come. Have since found, the invester  involved  with our loan is affiliatted with BAC..we r certain that  there r more people out there in similar situation as to ours..

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  • BAC, & many more Banks that r getting tons of government funding

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