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BAP US Tour Improvements

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Today is 04/17/17. The day AFTER Bap Party Baby Tour in the US has now just officially ended and now they are going to start their European tour, very soon. With as much fun and enjoyment there was to this concert. The bad does outweigh the good. With complaints, from what I NOTICED. As someone who had P1 and who came at a reasonable time.

Things Powerhouse did well:
- BAP seemed happy and well relaxed
- BAP was safe and did not get any injuries while preforming in the US

Things Powerhouse didn't do well:
- Powerhouse lives up to their expectation of being VERY unorganized
- Powerhouse is very rude and forcefully pushes fans without any warning what so ever
- Powerhouse had P1 in a standing pit rather than sitting (especially those who have physical conditions and who are short)
- Powerhouse does not constantly update with information and we have to find it ourselves
- Powerhouse had P2, P3, and P4 people sit in the sun for hours even though there was room for them to be placed somewhere else rather than just on the sidewalk.
- Powerhouse doesn't take away tickets for those fans who camp outside venues the night before. And while you tell me it's due to dedication and because those fans give up their time to do it. Yes, but many other concerts like BTS and Exo take TICKETS away if you come earlier than the specific time to pick up tickets or wristbands
- Will Call was very hectic and unnecessary
- The addition of the Photo Op Merchandise Package was rather late and should've been released earlier.

As much as I seem like I'm bashing Powerhouse. It is due to their past holdings for concerts haven't been the greatest, and they've certainly have held up to their expectations of being unprofessional and unpractical. Hopefully TS Entertainment will reconsider after seeing how many BABYZ will sign and support this petition.

Q: If Powerhouse doesn't run BAP's concerts in America then who will?
A: There is more than just Powerhouse who do run K-Pop concerts in America. I'm also hoping that SubKultureK will be willing to run Bap's concerts soon, due to the fact of their successes with holding GOT7 and Shinee in the US. And is currently promoting K.A.R.D.

Thank you for reaching the end of this petition. I'm hoping for positive responses but I'm also expecting negative responses and criticism as well. We have the power to change things BABYz. With just your signature we can make BAP's tours in the US even more enjoyable for them and us, the BABYz who love them so much.

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