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Petitioning Chicago Police Department Sheriff Thomas Dart and 5 others

Baby Jonylah We will fight for you! City of Chicago: Bring the National Guard in to protect our children!


Lives are being lost each day and it has got to STOP!

Letter to
Chicago Police Department Sheriff Thomas Dart
City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City of Chicago Senator Dick Durbin
and 3 others
President of the United States President Barack Obama
City of Chicago Governor Pat Quinn
Office of the City Clerk Willie Cochran
Bring the National Guard in to protect our children! We do not want to become accustomed to the loss of life. We do not want to hear of another child's death and go on with life as though nothing has happened. We do not want another child to die to the streets of Chicago. We are requesting that you conduct a temporary trial of National Guardsmen to come into the city and patrol. We ask that you do a gun sweep through the most problematic neighborhoods. We ask that you think of our children. Hadiya Pendleton, Johnyla Watkins are amongst so many others who have lost their lives due to senseless violence. We ask you to RISE UP and assist us in saving our babies.

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