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Baby Formula stricter policy !!

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I am sure alot of families in Australia can relate to my issues of finding my sons baby formula l, especially at major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths. This is getting beyond a joke now!!!! I along with many other mothers and families are getting sick of having to try so many shops just to find baby formula for our babies.. Last week I had to go to 4 different locations ending up at a chemist out my area and paying more just for my sons formula. (S26 Original progress) staff at coles and woolworths have even checked out back when ive asked and said there was no stock there either..
Now I am a single mother of 3 kids. 11, 2 and 8 months old. So getting us in and out of a car at each shop just to find formula is by all means a struggle to say the least and exhausting... Im sure alot of parents can relate to this struggle. Its time we fight back
And fight to bring in stricter policies to put this to a stop once and for all!!!

*  Lets get the Baby Formula tins put behind checkouts so they are monitered. * Or locked up like cigarettes and paint are. * Or lets get a identification scan on these items just as places like Alice Spring  have to with alcohol. * Alot of parents have suggested having         formula put on prescriptions or having to       present a medicare care card and put on a.     system

This change will help us thousands of Australian families so we arent made to struggle just to feed our own babies in our own country! Costing us more in petrol and paying more elsewhere cos of stock availability..

Whats happening is CRIMINAL !!!

Time to stop worrying about the $$$$ and start worrying about your Australian families who shop at your stores! 


One Very Frustrated Mother

Alicia Cartwright

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