Babson College, Stand Up Against Hate and Expel Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso

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Babson College, Stand Up Against Hate and Expel Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso

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Babson College has not made a decision yet.  In a statement this morning, President Kerry Healey said, "While the investigation is ongoing, we ask members of the Babson and Wellesley College communities to please understand that federal law prohibits us from discussing specific disciplinary outcomes."

Current Wellesley College students report that a black student who asked Tomasso and Rand-Ricciardi to leave was spat ON (not just at).  Further, slurs against LGBTQ communities were also shouted (i.e., "Wellesley dyke").

Original Post:

On November 9, 2016, the day after Election Day in our nation, Edward Tomasso and Parker Rand-Ricciardi, two Babson College undergraduate students, drove a pick-up truck equipped with a large Trump sign onto neighboring Wellesley College campus.  They jeered at students while speeding around campus.  Then, they parked in front of Harambee House, the community space for students of African descent, jeering and screaming "Trump" and "Make America Great Again."  When a Wellesley student told them to leave, they spat in her direction.

Institutions of higher education should remain safe spaces where students can be free to learn without fear for their safety and certainly without concern over whether or not they will be harassed for merely existing. 

Babson College has an opportunity to set an example for other colleges and universities to adopt a zero-tolerance policy against hate and intolerance by expelling Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso.

Babson College, President Kerry Healey, Dean Lawrence Ward, and all key decision makers: Take a stand today against hate.  We may not be able to change all minds and hearts today, but we can take this stand to promote a culture of inclusivity and respect.

Babson College, it is at your discretion whether or not these students will be expelled.  Their actions have been widely condemned on social media. Many community members and Wellesley College alumnae have contacted your administrators today and we know you are discussing what actions will be taken against these two students.  We took the time to look up your Babson College Undergraduate Honor Code:

"As an active and engaged member of Babson’s Community of Honor, you are expected to act with integrity. Your actions, behaviors, and decision making should demonstrate reflection and support for the five guiding principles set forth in the Code's Five Pillars of Integrity: honesty, respect, trust, fairness, and ownership. 

At Babson:

HONESTY ​is truthfulness in all that we do and say, including clear attribution for others’ thoughts and ideas.

RESPECT ​is showing sincere consideration and appreciation for individuals and the differences among them.

TRUST ​is the ability to believe in the integrity and reliability of others.

FAIRNESS ​is actively ensuring that everyone has access to the same opportunities and community resources.

OWNERSHIP ​is taking pride in and responsibility for one’s actions and authorship, and having the courage to compel others to do the same."

Uphold your own standards for Babson College students and swiftly expel Edward Tomasso and Parker Rand-Ricciardi.  By doing so, you will be promoting tolerance on campuses.  Colleges and students on campuses across the nation need your strong example.  

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This petition had 4,899 supporters

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