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Petitioning Babely Shades

A petition to improve the quality and credibility of your anti-Queers online petition

Babely Shades, an Ottawa group committed to creating an open-to-all arts scene that is not dominated by white people, created a completely weaksauce petition asking a local bar and promoter to cancel a punk show, based on flimsy, poorly sourced hearsay evidence of racism and transmisogyny on the part of one of the band members.

A link to the original petition (you'll have to copy and paste the URL, clicking don't work):

More details on my beef with said petition:

This attempt to remove pay from the pockets of working musicians was poorly executed. If there is indeed any validity to their claims against the musician in question, this group has the responsibility to provide this evidence as a focal point of their petition. 

Otherwise, this constitutes a severe abuse of social justice power, in a day and age where an online stink can actually amount to something.

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