How to improve medal tally in the OLYMPICS

How to improve medal tally in the OLYMPICS

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Sidhartha Mishra started this petition to Baba Ramdev

There are many a reasons why India is way backward in OLYMPIC Sports.

          1)       India is the Second largest country in population but finished 48th on the medal tally in Tokyo OLYMPICS which is the highest ranking in over four decades.

          2)       India is not even representing for some OLYMPIC sports which were not considered as worth participating. This is due to lack of coaches and interested sports persons to participate.

          3)       Parents are the main reason why children were not focussed on sports, parents will think there will be no scope in Sports and especially OLYMPIC Sports.

          4)       Children in India were becoming what their parents want to become and parents were pressing children on only what they think is good for them and there is no chance for children’s own goals.

          5)       Indian media was playing an important role in influencing the lifestyle of citizens. This is also an important reason, because as the media focussing mainly on Cricket etc and not focussing on Olympic Games.

          6)       Sponsors are also playing a crucial role, many sponsors are sponsoring cricket, not only for Team India but also for various domestic tournaments like IPL, Ranji etc.,

          7)       Though Hockey is our National Sport, neither corporate nor Government came forward to sponsor our Indian team in OLYMPICS, then Naveen Patnaik, CM of Odisha came forward to sponsor both hockey men and women teams.

          8)       Corruption in India is also a major issue, especially in sports there is a lack of transparency in selection process which is influenced by the money and power of the candidate but not on talent.

          9)       In India there is a belief that selection of a candidate in sports is purely based on luck and power.

          10)     Lack of infrastructure for practice and training sessions of athletes, which couldn’t make them more competent and well equipped to deal with world class competitors.

          11)     The allotment of funds to various sectors was improvising with each years budget, but there is no improvement in allocation of funds to sports and sports infrastructure.

          12)     No one was a born athlete but practice and nutrition make them a best athlete, here in our country there is lack of both infrastructure for practice and food for nutrition which is a major backlog for our country


  1. All major industrial house should create a sports school wherein the young talents scouted from remotest places
  2. Maharshi Ramdev ji's Patanjali should plan, a "Yoga & Sports Gurukuls" in atleast 100 districts of the country, each gurukul specializing in one sport. he is very popular name in the country and all the parents will love that their children are groomed by him in  most Indian way. this will really bring a Sea-change in fitness culture in the country, besides fetching medals in OLYMPICS.

                                                                              - SIDHARTH MISHRA

                                                                                   CLASS 12



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