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Sokak Hayvanları İçin Önerilen Ölüm Kamplarını Durdurun

Animal lovers and welfare organizations in Turkey have been shocked and outraged by the governments proposed changes to Turkey's very comprehensive Animal Rights law 5199.
The draft document which was prepared in secret and presented to Parliament last month (September), if passed, would mean a slow and lingering death for all of Turkey's stray cats and dogs!
The Government's plan which marks a complete U turn in policy, intends to abolish the current programme of TNR - Trap, Neuter and Return* instead it proposes that municipalities round up ALL free roaming animals (dogs and perhaps even cats) and place them in what they are calling 'Dogal hayat parklari' (natural life parks) Now this may sound nice but these parks will just be fenced off areas, probably forests, far from populated areas where hundreds or even thousands of animals will have to fend for themselves. Those that don't die of starvation will probably suffer terrible injuries from fights over limited food sources and disease will spread through the population like wildfire.
At the moment many municipalities do not employ a vet to neuter or treat street animals, some cannot even support the animal shelters in their own areas properly so who is going to care for the animals in these out of the way parks? There will be no way to check on their welfare or even to find out if animals were actually taken there at all or disposed of in some other way!! These "parks" will become nothing but mass death camps!

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