Dost Ya Ladki

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It all started when Abhinav Bharti (Khaini) starting seeing a Ladki, well, nobody knows when.

So, their "LOVE" grew older, together, over years. They started chatting over phone and conversing over calls, as well.

But Nilay Thakor was totally unaware of what was coming next.

So, the other day, when Nilay Thakor was coming from the canteen, his hands were full, for he carried 4 soft drink bottles (750ml each) and 4 biscuit packets. As he approached the elevator of the Hostel - I (the same hostel that was shared by Nilay Thakor and Abhinav Bharti), he saw Abhinav, and he had a sigh of relief, as he thought that Abhinav would help him in carrying the groceries, but what happened next shook the roots of friendship. Abhinav Bharti ignored Nilay Thakor, yes you read it right, Abhinav Bharti IGNORED Nilay Thakor, because allegedly Abhinav was talking to that 'Ladki/Aurat' for whom he ignored Nilay Thakor and moved on.

Let me remind you friends and colleagues, we live in 21st century, where a lot of friendships are ruined by relationship. And Nilay Thakor just became a victim of this depression virus.

So, I on the behalf of The Sakth Launda Union, urge you all to sign the petition so that ABHINAV BHARTI APOLOGIZE TO NILAY THAKOR for what he had done.

Ladki ek taraf, dost ek taraf.

Dosti se Badhkar Kuch nhi.