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Petitioning B-Space K. Craven and 11 others

Reject the "Baldwin K-8" New School option as proposed


The Town of Brookline B-Space committee is considering a proposal to construct a new K-8 elementary school at the current "Baldwin site", located one block from the intersection of Hammond Street and Route 9.  The proposed redistricting needed to move 600 existing Brookline students to this school greatly disrupts neighborhood schooling in Brookline.

Letter to
B-Space K. Craven
B-Space P. Kramer
B-Space Fred Wang
and 9 others
B-Space M. Sandman
B-Space Betsy Dewitt
B-Space and the School Committee Alan Morse
B-Space, School Committee Rebecca Stone
B-Space George Cole
B-Space Neil Wishinsky
B-Space Ken Goldstein
B-Space Mel Kleckner
B-Space L. Crossley
Reject the "Baldwin K-8" New School option as proposed