Petition to the A.K.C. regarding warranted changes to POINTS in conformation dog shows.

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AKC dog show entries have been making a steady decline over the last 20 years. According to the most recent data available, dog show entries are down 40% from 1996 and continue on a downward spiral. Registrations are suffering, dog clubs are suffering horribly to where many have had to cluster with other other clubs, and exhibitors are suffering as well. It is time for some drastic changes to be made in order to save our sport.

 In September of 2016, the published article - The Show Must Go On, A.K.C. Chairman Ronald Menaker acknowledged the problems that exist and is quoted:

"The sport of Conformation is the flagship AKC event, and is the sport that is at the very foundation of our Registry.... The trends over the past ten years show us that Conformation is in a tenuous position. “The graying of the Sport” has become something of a buzzword in recent years, but we know that the issue is far more complex than the simple fact of an aging population. 
... The numbers show a pretty clear picture.  
All-breed and conformation entries have been falling over the past ten years.  
Fewer conformation championships have been earned.  
Every year, fewer dogs are exhibited in conformation." 

B.O.N.E.S. Breeder-Owner Network for Exhibitor Sustenance is petitioning A.K.C. to make the following changes to the conformation points system.

1. Reserve awarded points (no progression to the breed ring) Suggesting half of the points awarded to winners dog or winners bitch, whichever applies to the dog competing.

2. Veterans classes being eligible for champion and grand champion points.

3. All group placements worth championship or grand champion points, not just group winners.

4. Specialty shows/weekends and breed supported shows should NOT be counted to determine the divisional point system (same as done with the breed National shows)

5. Award points for Best of Breed/Variety based on the cumulative number of dogs defeated for BOB/BOV, not based solely on dog/bitch entries alone, both sexes counted together.

6. A more reasonable system using the entry counts/data to determine divisional points.

7. A bonus point system where a dog can earn points on its own merits. We suggest a permanent adapted Award of Merit worth 1 point. This award will be solely at the judge's discretion, to award to any dog competing the judge feels is of exceptional quality and noteworthy.