Adrian Dix: No Mandatory Vaccines for B.C. - Ever!

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It is vital you reach out immediately to your B.C. MLA personally as well as the BC Minister of Health Adrian Dix, at and (250.953.3547) to demand no mandatory vaccinations, ever.

There is another petition trying to take away YOUR rights to protect your children's health and welfare, and potentially your own, via mandatory vaccinations. Welcome to 1984.

The truth behind the measles vaccines is so well hidden from the general public.  Just tap into sources not associated with money and you will see the truth. Start here: &

Here is the real truth behind the supposed success of the measles vaccine. The vaccine was introduced after measles had basically disappeared. Nowadays most cases are because of the vaccine.

The US courts recently sided with Robert F Kennedy Jr. in verifying that no proper testing has ever been done after the US protected vaccine manufacturers from any liability, and yet pay out billions in damages to families who have had their lives destroyed by vaccines. 

Are you willing to be forced to risk the very life and health of your babies? Of yourself?

Thank you for finally speaking up, sharing and supporting our cause.