Residential and Mobile Home Lease Agreement NO DOGS ALLOWED!!

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We have lived in the same mobile home   park In  B C. for 23 years as model tenants.

I was diagnosed by doctors with PTSD and I suffer from sever panic the point where I quit breathing. I was advised to get a dog which I did with the full intention of having my dog trained as a emotional support animal..When I arrived back home after my husband was away working for 6 months I was approached by the landlord asking if I got a dog. I said yes and she said she required a note from my doctor and certification. This i supplied her with.  Two days later my husband was served with a eviction notice to have the dog off the premises within 30 days or we would be served a eviction notice as well.

Now just to make it clear I am a strong supporter of rules and regulations but this clause is against my human rights as well as yours as far as I am concerned, especially when the landlords themselves have 2 dogs!

We are currently working out of the province and yes my dog is being trained as a emotional support dog!  

The dog I own is  14 pound cairn terrier and is highly intelligent ...and training is going terrific!

I am not looking for sympathy or haters here just support to change this archaic law in B.C.!!  Thanks