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In the last few days, the Albertan government has been using bullying tactics to force the BC government to put through the TransMountain Pipeline, a project that the majority of British Columbians do not want or need.

Those who stand against it have the support of all Metro Vancouver mayors and, most importantly, the vast majority of First Nations in the province. Whatever meager economic benefits come from building a pipeline, they will only go to Kinder Morgan, a multi-billion dollar Texan company, and the Albertan and federal governments. When the pipe bursts, only British Columbians will pay the price, and especially our First Nations.

Today, in a fit of sad pettiness, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley put out an import ban on all BC wines. As a reaction of our own, I call on all British Columbians to boycott ALL ALBERTAN BEEF and ALBERTAN BEEF PRODUCTS. Source your meats from BC farmers whose livelihood will be endangered by this pipeline and Alberta's regressive politics and economic policies.

Contact your local Member of the Legislative Assembly and call on them to put out a province-wide ban on Alberta beef. With enough voices, we can let Alberta and Ottawa know that BC is not a pushover.