BUY THE RIGHTS OF: Everything Sucks

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We are going to buy the rights of Everything Sucks. Re-covering the erros, remaking the second season as it was plained by the author (also adding new stuff). It will be filmed in the same places. Same actors (if that's possible). We just need NETFLIX to see this.

  1. We wanna remake it from the bottom.
  2. Add better effects.
  3. Following the book by hand, we won't spend time on jokes. 
  4. LGBT's. We will fight for you. This is our change to shine.
  5. New soundtrack made by LOONA (이달의 소녀) and WOW (와우).

Please. Help us on this.

We are offering all we have to do this.

With kindness,

Dohyumin, PD of B-133 Ent.