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Can you chip in $7 to get this petition on the agenda?

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Heike Bohm
Heike Bohm chipped in $30
Ulrich Köhrle
Ulrich Köhrle chipped in $34
Waldemar Hartwig
Waldemar Hartwig chipped in $34
Nurhayat Urcan
Nurhayat Urcan chipped in $32
Claudia Meier
Claudia Meier chipped in $32
Sabine Fein-Zobel
Sabine Fein-Zobel chipped in $22
Marion Lippert
Marion Lippert chipped in $22
F. P. Peters
F. P. Peters chipped in $27
Sylvia Fritsch Fritsch
Sylvia Fritsch Fritsch chipped in $22
Heinz Augustiniak
Heinz Augustiniak chipped in $22
Eberhard Fischer-Brandies
Eberhard Fischer-Brandies chipped in $27
Dörte Dr von Drigalski
Dörte Dr von Drigalski chipped in $22
Ursula Leppert
Ursula Leppert chipped in $32
Karl-Heinz Schwalbe
Karl-Heinz Schwalbe chipped in $54
Wiebke Mohme
Wiebke Mohme chipped in $108

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