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Snow leopards

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Why they are endangered.

Snow leopards are endangered because of the killings, loss of habitats, and  people illegally selling their body parts. Snow leopards are poached for the illegal trade in their body parts.

Info about it.

The snow leopards’ powerful build allow them to scale great steep slopes with no problem.The snow leopard mainly eats blue sheep and ibex.The leopard and snow leopard are basically the same animal, but one lives in the desert and one lives in the mountains.Snow leopards habitat extend through twelve countries some of the countries are China,India,and Russia.


 Why snow leopards matter.


Since they prey on the mountain sheep and goats, without the snow leopard there will be too many herbivores which would overgraze

and degrade the habitat, leaving no food for the other animals.The solution is that we can put up no hunting signs that so people will not hunt them.So will you please sign our petition to save these big cats?


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