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Show some compassion Peter Dutton!

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My objective is to get a message through to Peter Dutton ( our current immigration minster), to not deport my Granddad! We are not asking for laws to be changed, we are simply asking for some compassion to be shown to a man that has paid his dues for his wrong doing, who has lived his life in Australia doing the right thing, contributing to society and not being a burden in any way on the Australian system, to let him stay in Australia with my mum and myself for the remaining years of his life.
A decision that Peter Dutton makes in minutes will affect me and my mother for the rest of our lives. The reality is it will separate us for an indefinite amount of time, only 6 months after losing my Mormor (grandmother) and for what purpose? Who is at risk here? Who will benefit from this? Living his last few years with me and mum is not going to cost anyone a cent. He is not a risk to society in any. Instead at age 73 after serving his sentence for entering Australia illegally and fully cooperating with the police since then someone has made the decision to send 15 government employees including the federal police to his house to detain him. Were they expecting a 73 year old man with emphysema to outrun them? Now he is being held in accommodation with 2 armed guards awaiting medical exams, to then be transported to a detention centre, to spend what could be the last years of his life alone, all of this costing Australian tax payers thousands of dollars.
Please ask yourself if this is where you want your money to go? How many years does one person have to live doing the right thing in order to make up for a bad decision. My granddad has gone to jail, he has done his time, why does he need to be punished again? He has paid his own way since being in this country, and has given back in so many ways. It just doesn't seem fair that in these sorts of cases they use one rule for everyone without taking any other circumstances into consideration.
If you would like more information about myself, my granddad or his history to make your decision please email me; every signature helps.
This truly is so important to me and my family and also to the topic of immigration & laws which needs constant public attention to ensure people are treated fairly.

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