Appeal to the international court of the Hague against Nicole Pashinian

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Armenian current Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian is violating all existing human rights and established Geneva Conventions of war running. On October 11, 2020 Armenian Armed Forces by direct command of Prime Minister attacked civilians and civil settlements of second largest city of Azerbaijan, city of Ganja. As a result of that attack more than 10 civilians has been killed and 30 wounded. On October 17, 2020 Armenia once again attacked Ganja's civil settlements. This time scale of destruction was even larger. More than 20 houses has been completely destroyed, 12 people has been killed, among which there are two children, and 40 wounded so far (rescuers are working on the area of catastrophe). Both times, Armenia used medium range missiles and SCAD missiles, which are prohibited to use against civilians. It's apparent that Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian is violating human rights and Geneva Conventions of war running by attacking large cities out of zone of conflict. We demand and appeal against PM Nicole Pashinian to be judged and sued in The Court of The Hague.