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Returning Alana Maldonado to her mother is important to Alana's entire well being. Alana has been raised by her mother since birth and has made strong attachment bonds with her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Returning Alana to her mother and her home is in her very best interest developmentally and it is where she wants to be. This organization has made very questionable and hasty decisions in the case involving Alana.

This instance in particular is only one singular example of why the state must organize services for children who have no caretaker at the time their parents are admitted into a hospital. A program that fits will work more efficiently and consentrate service costs where they are needed most.

When the AZDES/DCYF will streamline services to meet needs of the different types of cases this sort of method lessens the trauma it places on children and families, like Alana and her family as well as provides a more comprehensive and effective service for children, youth and families statewide.

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We the undersigned petition against the Arizona Department of Economic Security Division of Children, Youth and Families to create a system that is more conscientious in its services. There are children who are in great need of these services provided due to abuse and neglect. There are also children like Alana Maldonado who need to be returned home as soon as possible after their parent/s have been in a hospital getting medical treatment for health related problems. We as Arizona citizens request the immediate return of Alana Maldonado to her home of origin.

Now Alana is being disserviced by the system by being removed from her home, school, city and county with out any occurrence of abuse or neglect. She has been placed in the custody of her biological father that she has been estranged from for five years due to his pathological and abusive behavior. Now her environment consists of abuse, neglect and substance abuse. These are non-issues in her home of origin.

Alana has been in the same home with her mother for the past three years. It is annually inspected by the Arizona Department of Housing to meet health and safety standards. The home is clean and allows enough space for the people who live in it. Alana is now living in a home that does not meet health and safety standards. Her biological father continues to feed Alana food's that she has allergies to inspite of several instructions against this. In addition In the short time that Alana has been uprooted from her home she was infected with a fungus which had been left untreated to allow it to grow to the length and width of a lemon.

We implore you to investigate the case involving Alana Maldonado and see why we request the implementation of decisive action to return Alana home to her mother immediately.

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