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Conduct a proper and UNBIASED investigation into my sons DEATH.



I havent gone into detail in this petition, there is too little space to include everything.~~

I am submitting this petition in the hopes that the Az Department of Justice will begin an investigation into the death of my son. There has not been a proper investigation done to date, its been 4 long years. The police department in Goodyear, AZ , has a direct involvement in this tragedy, yet they are the entity that deemed this case "back burner" (their words).  An officer has admitted, to at least 3 individuals, that he thinks he "hit that kid", yet the police department that he works for, didnt think that that was enough reason to call an outside agency to investigate Jereds death.


There was speculation from the very first radio call, that Hardin was involved, yet it wasnt until an entire year later, that I learned of any police involvement, and THAT discovery did not arise from the police department informing me. I read it in the newspaper.  That story was about a Goodyear victims advocate that was fired for "whistleblowing". I saw the picture of Terri Woodmansee, who I recognized as the girl who came to tell me that Jered was killed. I read the story and was SHOCKED AND DEVASTATED that it stated that there was speculation of an officer involvement. Why was I never told of this?


I contacted Terri through her attorney, and soon my family learned a whole lot more than my heart was prepared for. How could the law, in which I had believed  and trusted my entire life, have betrayed me like that? In the three years since my discovery, I was aprised of so much information (from Terri) involving Jereds death, and the police departments intention to not "tell the family" 


This case sits on the back burner, there is no active investigating going on, there was never a slient witness set up in attempts to gather information about the mysterious driver, there were no interviews done with the partygoers that night, in fact no real effort at all to gather information to solve this case. Thats because, we think, they already knew who killed Jered.

Shay Pendleton Moses, 

Jereds mom.


Letter to
AZ Department of Justice Ann Birmingham Scheel
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Department of Justice.

conduct a proper and unbiased investigation into my sons murder

Jered was a stellar teen ager, he had the grades, the looks, the skills, to do anything he wanted to do. He was going to make a difference for everyone who uses fuel. That was his ambition, alternative fuel research, and he had a plan. In the early morning hours of Sunday, April 6th 2008, Jered was taken to a house party, by a friend. Jered turned 18 on Saturday, so he felt like this was a party for him.

Someone called the police. The kids scattered, Jered started to walk home. It was a dark road with cotton fields on one side and a small city airport on the other, no street lights. Jered was found lying dead across the center line of this dark road at 4:30 in the morning by a police Sergeant. At this point only members of the Goodyear Police Department know what happened to Jered, and they are not talking.

This is what happened to my son, the best we can piece it together from testimonies and depositions three years later, and I’m asking for your help after you read this, to get a proper and unbiased investigation conducted by the Department of Justice.

When Sergeant Castillo radioed that he had a BODY, in the road, another officer called him back on his telephone stating…”I think I hit that kid…” This Sergeant fails to report the telephone call. According to Officer Hardin’s testimony three years later, he had driven through the scene about 45 seconds before Castillo did, felt a “pa pump” and continued on his way, never checking to see what the “pa pump” was. He parked his car at the end of the road, to secure the street and supposedly started a crime scene log. But he signed himself in a full hour and a half after Jered’s body was found. There is no account for that missing time.

The Traffic Accident team was brought in, even though there was no evidence of an accident, NO homicide detectives were ever called in on this case. Sergeant Miller, the supervisor of the accident team was called. Officer Hardin told Sergeant Miller, “I think I hit that kid”. Miller does a cursory (a look over with no flashlight in the darkness) exam on the car and lets Hardin take the squad car in question home with him. Sergeant Miller never reports his conversation with Hardin to anyone.

Hardin fails to show up for work for his next 2 shifts, it might have been 3, but there was no explanation for this. Did I mention this officer had been fired for reckless driving at another department before being hired by the City of Goodyear? No one has told my family at this point that there might have been an officer involved. In fact according to testimony, the police department command staff had a meeting and Lt. Marzocca claims during one of those meetings it was discussed “whether they should tell the family or not.”

There was a shoeprint, that matched Jered’s shoes, on the outer wall of the rear tire on the driver’s side, blood on the underneath of the car and the car was taken home for days before it was retrieved.. In fact, the Officer who was assigned the case, Officer Rogers, in multiple testimonies was more worried about Officer Hardin’s rights, than my DEAD SONS! Throughout all the testimonies and depositions three years later, Officer Hardin has made the same statement multiple times “I think I hit that kid”. Yet, none of these statements were revealed at the time of my son’s murder, no homicide detectives or outside agency was brought in to investigate Officer Hardin for vehicular manslaughter.

The only reason I even learned of this police cover-up is because the Victim Advocate and the Assistant to the Chief of Police found out about the misconduct and reported it. And they were fired for it. In Hardin’s recent testimony he now says he ran over one of Jered’s shoes, and that must have been the pa pump he felt. However his report that night never claimed he was using his MDC at the time while driving and states he didn’t stop, so how does he know. Goodyear claims Hardin could not have hit Jered, because the driver who killed him, was going westbound and Hardin was traveling EAST. A Federal Judge in my case recently stated, that it is not unreasonable to believe that Hardin turned his vehicle around at some point based on the evidence he has seen thus far.

All key officers involved are still employed by Goodyear, none have been appropriately disciplined, and most have been promoted in the last 4 years. This is not the proper way to have handled this investigation, and to keep the answers from my family is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! This is NOT Justice for my son or our family.

I am asking for a thorough investigation and accountability for the actions taken by all involved, an outrage and protest from victims and families that have suffered at the hands of the police that have chosen to protect themselves , instead of protecting the public they serve.

For more information, you can follow these links. In the meantime, please sign the petition to warrant an investigation by the Department of Justice. This type of police misconduct needs to be recognized, and STOPPED! Thank you for your time and please help us bring Justice for Jered!

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