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Conduct a proper and UNBIASED investigation into my sons DEATH.

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I havent gone into detail in this petition, there is too little space to include everything.~~

I am submitting this petition in the hopes that the Az Department of Justice will begin an investigation into the death of my son. There has not been a proper investigation done to date, its been 4 long years. The police department in Goodyear, AZ , has a direct involvement in this tragedy, yet they are the entity that deemed this case "back burner" (their words).  An officer has admitted, to at least 3 individuals, that he thinks he "hit that kid", yet the police department that he works for, didnt think that that was enough reason to call an outside agency to investigate Jereds death.


There was speculation from the very first radio call, that Hardin was involved, yet it wasnt until an entire year later, that I learned of any police involvement, and THAT discovery did not arise from the police department informing me. I read it in the newspaper.  That story was about a Goodyear victims advocate that was fired for "whistleblowing". I saw the picture of Terri Woodmansee, who I recognized as the girl who came to tell me that Jered was killed. I read the story and was SHOCKED AND DEVASTATED that it stated that there was speculation of an officer involvement. Why was I never told of this?


I contacted Terri through her attorney, and soon my family learned a whole lot more than my heart was prepared for. How could the law, in which I had believed  and trusted my entire life, have betrayed me like that? In the three years since my discovery, I was aprised of so much information (from Terri) involving Jereds death, and the police departments intention to not "tell the family" 


This case sits on the back burner, there is no active investigating going on, there was never a slient witness set up in attempts to gather information about the mysterious driver, there were no interviews done with the partygoers that night, in fact no real effort at all to gather information to solve this case. Thats because, we think, they already knew who killed Jered.

Shay Pendleton Moses, 

Jereds mom.


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