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Leave Bisbee Alone! Stop trying to force your opinions on others!

On April 2, 2013, The City of Bisbee passed an ordinance allowing for civil unions, within the city limits, and having effect only within the city limits of Bisbee.

Attorney General Horne sent a letter to the City of Bisbee stating, in part, "(d)epending on the action taken by the City Council, my Office may be required to
take appropriate legal action to enforce existing State constitutional and statutory provisions." While this attorney general has attempted in the past to invalidate or ignore federal law, claiming that state's rights supercede (see SB1070), in this case it appears his version of "limited government" includes limiting any entity with whom he or his political backers do not agree.

Cathi Herrod and her Center for Arizona Policy also threatened legal action. The Center for Arizona Policy cites Arizona Revised Statutes Title 25, which speaks specifically to marriage, which the City of Bisbee is not offering. The Center for Arizona Policy attempts to force its agenda unto the Arizona legislature on a regular basis, and apparently is prepared to, through its Legislative Counsel, attempt to force the City of Bisbee to comply with a law that simply doesn't exist (a search for the words "civil union" in Arizona Revised Statutes Title 25 returns no matches).

Tom Horne, Cathi Herrod, and the Center for Arizona Policy: it's time. Stop attempting to force your opinions on others in Arizona who do not agree with you. Leave the City of Bisbee alone, and spend your time on something important, instead.

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