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AYUSH Gradutes Support NMC Bill 2017

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Dear friends , Namaste

On behalf of all Ayush doctors I am appealing government to pass the NMC Bill .

I also have few questions to our fellow MBBS doctors ,

1. Do you think ayush doctors are illetrates ? Can't they differntate simple bronchitis & bronchiectasis ?
Can't they diagnose GB syndrome ? Are MBBS graduates smarter than all ??

How can any idiot compare proposed bridge course to a hazard ?? Is this their height of idiocy ?

2. Do we Ayush doctors fail in stopping the bleeding from a cut wound ? Don't we know to suture a cut ? Don't we save a life from hypovolemia during RTA , especially in rural places ?

3. Do we prescribe allopathic medicine such as Vicks action 500 / crocin or Anacin or brufen or Volini gel or Torex or Mala D or Licel / scalpae/ which are sold by petty shop keepers ?

Why are you shutting your mouth to ban over the counter allopathic drug sale by a quack ?
Don't these medicines have side effects or is it not an Allopathic drug ?

4 . Do we give Antacid or H2 blockers for MI patients like a medical shop owner ?? Don't we save their life by diagnosing and referring them to appropriate cardiac hospital ? Cant we give a simple ecosprin to save their life ?? How would you call a life saving graduate as quack ?

5. Do we call quacks to any dignified MBBS graduates, who prescribes M2Tone ,pilex , cystone , Cital H Ayurveda drugs . You are only a doctor's and God , not we !!

6. Are we reluctant to practice in rural places , do we hesitate to serve villagers ? , do we go for court and take a stay to serve village people ?

_You serve better or allow us to serve !!_

7. Should we still follow a blind act which was framed by *britishers* like 1916 imc act , 1940 and 1956 act .

_Don't we need a change according to the public health requirements and population ?_

8. Many Medical colleges , pharma companies are owned by political people and are favorable to Apex members , they were ruling till today .
Are they afraid of limited Medical seats , business and hit on their income by lateral entry of Ayush doctors and Ayush Medical colleges ?

9 . Why did MCI didn't enhanced Medical seats even though there is a lack / scarcity of doctors in India ??

10. If they have passed MBBS degree why there is lot of fear and opposition to pass Updating exams ? Don't they need Updates ? CME credit is ok !! but a big no to exit exam ? Ridiculous , isn't it ?

11. To serve the society any administration is to be accepted by any graduate .
they should work for the betterment of the society , why dependent on MCI ?? Why not new non Medical committee ? Are you feared about screwing you ?

12. Many Ayush graduates are in a research work associated with Many scientists , Foreign super speciality doctors to make health care system better .
If these doctors serve the rural nation @ primary care level , what problem are they going to create ? Indian health system will become a biggest history in the entire world .

13. BAMS degree students learn from same MBBS Students text books and pass their exams .
Actually the fact is ,Ayush graduates study more subjects than an ordinary MBBS graduate . He is well worsed in both modern system and Ayurveda to manage a case in a better way .
Hence respect these graduates and allow them to serve the society better . ��

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