Ayaan Hirsi-Ali does not speak for us; Muslim women unite to oppose Hirsi-Ali visit

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Ayaan Hirsi-Ali does not speak for us; Muslim women unite to oppose Hirsi-Ali visit

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Sherene Hassan started this petition to Think Inc.

We, the undersigned, would like to express our utmost disappointment that Ayaan Hirsi-Ali is being brought to Australia by Think Inc. 
This position is reflective of the huge diversity of opinion amongst Australian Muslim women. Although we are not a homogenous group, we are united in our condemnation of Hirsi-Ali's discourse which is grounded in hate-mongering and bigotry.

As grassroots community workers and advocates, we have worked tirelessly to dispel stereotypes that are the cognitive breeding ground for acts of hatred and bigotry. Hirsi-Ali stated recently, "Violence is inherent in Islam – it’s a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder." This is just one example of the vitriol  frequently espoused by this individual.
Against a backdrop of increasing global Islamophobia, Hirsi-Ali's divisive rhetoric simply serves to increase hostility and hatred towards Muslims

In addition, through positive action and collaborative and sustainable community centric leadership models, we have strived for decades to empower Muslim women both locally and abroad. Hirsi-Ali’s sheer presence in Australia undermines both intra and inter-community efforts toward social cohesion and in providing platforms for Muslim women to champion their own causes.

We condemn any representation or interpretation of Islam that condones violence against women. We utterly reject any Islamic basis for the violence that has occurred to Ayaan Hirsi-Ali in her life, and the violence perpetrated to women all over the world who have fallen victim to culturally-influenced misogynistic abuse.

We welcome and encourage vigorous discussion and debate regarding Islam and the status of women. However to conflate hate speech with free speech undermines both the intelligence of our community and the efforts we have made to maintain respect and dignity in an environment of such hostility. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s conversation does not contribute to any insights nor further the debate in any way. This is simple sensationalism designed to fuel division and hate. Australia deserves better than this.

For media enquiries please contact Hana Assafiri: 0402 515 402

Hana Assafiri, Business owner (Moroccan Soup Bar) and Community Activist
Sherene Hassan,  Board Director  of Islamic Museum of Australia
Monique Toohey, Managing Director and Principal Psychologist Nasiha Consulting

Dr Shakira Hussain (PhD), Honorary Research Follow
Randa Abdel-Fattah, Award winning Author
Dr Umber Rind, Director New Leaf Medical Clinic
Tasneem Chopra, Cross-Cultural Consultant
Nina Azam, Clinical Social Worker, Human Rights Advocate
Tasnim Sammak, Youth advocate
Manal Shehab, Author and Speech Therapist assistant
Aseel Sammak, Famsy Vice President, Youth advocate
Diana Abdel-Rahman, OAM, President, Australian Muslim Voice Inc.
Ferdos Alsabaa, Community Support worker
Fatima Dennaoui, Lawyer
Dr Sara Hassan, Medical doctor
Islamophobia Watch
Mayada El-Taie, Translator and Interpreter
Silma Ihram, Director Diversity Skills Training

Yasmin Khan, Campaigner against Domestic Violence

Nicole Al-Khazrajy, Radiographer

Janine Evans, Community member

Dee Darwiche, Community worker

Meg Sowersby, Teacher

Maria Bhatti, (PhD candidate), Lecturer

Hella Ibrahim, Project Editor

Sara Saleh Human Rights Advocate and Writer

Anam Javed, VCE Biology and Chemistry Teacher 

Hanan Dover, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Faiza  Rehman, lawyer

Tanya Kubitza  Community Worker

Fatima Koc Erciyas,  Chemistry Teacher

Kathleen El-Ataar, Midwife

Heba Ibrahim, PhD candidate

Rose Bogarts, Community Support worker

Zahra Baho, Horn of Africa Senior Women’s Group Leader

Dr Noor Al-Dasooqi, Research scientist

Lina Ayoubi, Hospital Chaplain

Sera Adalar, Secondary Teacher

Souha Korbatieh Lawyer

Lina Maghrabi, Secondary teacher

Suzanne El-Katatney, Company director

Inaz Janif, Secondary Teacher

Selen Rifat, Disability advocate

Firhana Imam, Business Owner

Rana Yanar, School administrator

Zakia Haque, Scientist, community worker

Samantha Spicer, Teacher

Cindy Rahal, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Rokaya Nabulsi,  Community worker

Ela Tankir,  Public servant

Susie  Hassan, Assistant Principal

Samah Sabawi, Playwright

Amona Hassab, Humanitarian Support Service Case Manager

Husna Pasha, Occupational Therapist and talk show host

Yasmeen El-Shawy, Graphic designer

Mila Chami, Community worker

Laila Ruzhaji, Community worker

Kelly Dyson, Community member

Jasmin Elnajib   Community member

Shanhnaz Hamid  Community member

Humaira Hamimi Community member

Angie Safi, Human Resource Manager and Community worker

Ogbaad Jama, SecondaryTeacher

Aza Katar, Social worker



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This petition had 455 supporters

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